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Love Yurts

MAY 2016At Century A&E, we are firm believers in supporting the community that supports us.  And it is no secret that we love to design new facilities, so we asked - how can we use our unique talents to give back to our community?

Pictured: Traditional Mongolian Ger (Yurt) Source: Wikipedia

Pictured: Traditional Mongolian Ger (Yurt)

Source: Wikipedia

After a long Michigan winter we were anxious to get outside this spring season and help where we could, so we placed a call into United Way to inquire about any suitable projects an A&E firm might lend itself well towards.  They connected us to the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore organization that was looking for assistance with a project in Greenville.  

Camp Anna Behrens was in the process of replacing two cabins with new yurts and needed help building the foundation and floors - a perfect fit for our talented engineers. 

"Several of us at Century A&E are parents of boy scouts and girls scouts.", says Century's Ivan Ivanov, an active member of the Boy Scouts of America.  "It's a neat way to give back to the community beyond popcorn and cookie sales - through involvement." 

While yurts were largely foreign to us at Century, a little information gathering and engineering know-how produced a workable layout plan in a day or so.  Afterwards, we "Centurions" packed up our tools and headed to Greenville where scout leaders Chris Sodini and Pattie Sanderson were waiting for our arrival. 


A slight gap in the plans

For the most part, installing the foundations went smoothly.  Constructing the flooring of the yurts, however, presented a real problem.  The 16' lengths of tongue and groove floorboard were often warped leaving large gaps between the boards.  

Resident problem solver Chuck Bergman (inventor of the Crease-O-Matic) teamed up with structural guru Dan Esch to engineer a solution - the "Bergman Persuader".  This simple machine proved to be an invaluable tool for correcting the gaps while installing the floorboards;  a single operator would apply downward force to the inertia lever while the Persuader converted the energy to lateral pressure on the target board - at a five to one ratio.  

With the ‘Bergman Persuader’, we are able to apply lateral pressure to the floorboards at a 5:1 ratio.

Our engineered solution  - the "Bergman Persuader"

Some Centurions, however, had others ideas on how to reduce gaps between the floorboards.

"Just grab a ratcheting strap and a tire iron, that oughta do the trick", spouted electrical sharpshooter, Ed Schindorf.  With some of us on straps, others on the Persuaders and several more on drills, we really fell into an efficient system of securing the floorboards precisely to the foundation.


another problem solved

Just as we found our groove (pun intended), building materials came up short.  We are anxious to return to Greenville to finish the job, just as soon as the sun sneaks past the Michigan clouds.

Our volunteer crew had a splendid time so far at beautiful Camp Anna Behrens; many thanks go out to Chris and Pattie for providing us lunch during our effort.

If you would like more information on how you can volunteer to help your local Michigan scouts, take a web cruise over to the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore website HERE.